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terça-feira, 5 de março de 2019


By: Ju VannucchiSpecial thanks to: Jessie Evans and Gabriel Marinho

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” – Nietzsche. 

The story of this text and this interview began in 2015, the night that my mother and I met Lydia Lunch. I will not tell you details about this meeting, because if I tell you, the text will be much longer. Obviously it was an interesting occasion, a great privilege indeed. But the most important thing was that because of Lydia, I met the drummer Bob Bert. I met him on the day of the Retrovirus show and also the next day when he played in another place in São Paulo. Bob is a wonderful person and he made me laugh a lot on that Sunday! I am very fond of him. He's an important person to me because his work and his attitudes have always given me courage. I did an interview with him in 2017 and in an answer, he said: "Be creative, enjoy yourself and do not give a fuck about being successful." I loved that phrase. Bob has a very inspiring underground spirit. Well, I mentioned it here because before I got in touch with Pam & decide to write about her, I remembered that phrase, the interview, and how this guy motivates me to have a bold attitude. I remembered this because I was insecure... Then, from what I learned from Bob (and from Pam herself), moved by a sudden Dionysian impulse, I decided to have courage, to follow an absurd philosophical logic, to surrender myself to my intuition and write to her. If you're reading this text now, it's all been worked out.

Okay. And why did I decide to write about Pam Hogg? First at all, because her work and specially her attitudes have always been an inspiration to me, and also because I've never read many Portuguese articles dedicated to her - I've only seen mentions and I know she has some fans around the country. I think someone needed to write some lines and show Pam's fascinating work to the Brazilians and here we go!

 Here we go! I once wrote about the one thing I love about Siouxsie Sioux - her Socratic spirit. I can say the same about Pam Hogg: she has a Socratic spirit. But what do I mean by "Socratic spirit"? I mean that these two talented artists have always fought for their autonomies, they left the comfort zone that guides most of the society, they broke the chains and came out of the cave.

 I liked Pam Hogg from the first time I saw a photo of her, because I found her eccentric and I usually admire everything that is different from traditionalism. After this first contact, I researched about her work and realized that I had found another amazing woman to inspire me. Everything she creates is fascinating. As a result of her creative mind, the aesthetic effect that Pam's art causes is disconcerting and has a very unique aura, which invites us to enter into a completely different dimension of daily reality. It’s a new world, a magic one. I like Pam because she's far from obvious - and it's obvious that I do hate the obvious.

When I decided to write this text about Pam, I decided to read Nietzsche again, because I was trying to understand a little more about her and I believe that Nietzsche's phrases against morality, his struggle against the tradition of customs and his defense of the Dionysian state - the ecstasy of the soul, artistic delirium - could be an appropriate way to try to understand the universe that Pam created since I identify all these elements in her work. Nietzsche once said that there are people who build themselves, that can be ahead of themselves. They are special people, with autonomy, people who are not tempted to change based on stereotypes or morals. This type of human being doesn’t model himself on others, but creates his own thoughts and behavior, and transforms his life into art! They embrace life, they turn their anguish and dreams into art. They do not say "no" to life, they say "yes" and face life head on! According to Nietzsche these kind of people build themselves, they take risks, they love dangerous situations, they don’t deny challenges, they want them.

She's not a woman, she's a dynamite".
So, what can I say? I think Nietzsche would definitely be proud of Pam Hogg, because “she's not a woman, she's a dynamite”. This phrase of our philosopher describes her very well. If limits exist, Pam ignores them. If the paradigms are real, she steps on them. If someone tries to impose something, she imposes herself first. Her art is explosive. She is dangerous to common sense. She is a risk because she risks. She is powerful because her weapon is art. What makes a person like her so special is the fact that this kind of person means something beyond the normal. And normal/common/cliché things do not astonish us and are not interesting! Just the exceptional means something. For example: the sun rises every day. No one is impressed by this, but people are amazed by an eclipse, because an eclipse is not something natural in people's daily lives.

Many people I admire have already died - Jim Morrison, Bowie, Alfred Hitchcock, Plato, Schopenhauer, Tolstoy, etc., etc. - but I'm lucky to have lived at that time to meet Pam (and some others, of course), especially at a time when most people are empty and manipulated by media, materialism and power. There are still autonomous minds and bright souls, like her, to give us a true art.  In fact, I think that all of us need women like Pam: women who act on her own will, and who are brave enough to build her own way without anyone dictating the rules, she controls her own mind and does not let others control. She is bold, rare and strong (and also very Dionysin)! And Pam is not only bold and strong, but she FIGHTS to free other people and make these people see that they can also be bold and strong and build their own lives by themselves. She is the designer of the metamorphosis: she faces the changes, she renews herself, and she doesn’t live in the shadows of the cave. That’s why she is the perfect woman for an imperfect (and sick) society.

(...) she is the designer of the metamorphosis: she faces the changes, she renews herself, and she doesn’t live in the shadows of the cave. She is the perfect woman for an imperfect (and sick) society.
Those who know me know that I'm not the kind of person who idolizes someone. I'm not the type to keep a used napkin by a "celebrity" or who make hysterical shouts when an artist walks by on the street. I admire people for their actions. I value what they do as innovative, different, and looking at these people, I try to be someone better - I try to overcome myself with the inspiration that this person brings me. Well, after I knew Pam a little bit better, she really became a person I admire - now I can say it for sure. She's a rare type of woman I want to be inspired by. I want to learn positive things from her. My underground spirit just took me to her. But I'm not surprised by this. What I mean is: “All things by immortal power, near to far, to each other linked are, that thou canst not stir a flower without troubling of a star". (Francis Thompson).

PAM HOGG by Jessie Evans 

Jessie Evans is an American born songwriter, singer, saxophonist, and record producer currently residing in Brazil.

I first heard of Pam Hogg while listening to her track on the Chicks on Speed “Girl Monster” compilation which included my band AUTONERVOUS with Bettina Koster of MALARIA. I found the tracks from her and Francoise Cactus’ stood out the most and I was drawn in by her tough, sexy voice.  What an absolutely gorgeous creature she is – fierce and untouchable, with talent to boot. After the invitation to write this I began to take a closer look at her online. Watching her fashion shows and looking at photos of her brilliant smile and neon yellow hair was like being pumped with pure oxygen! In the midst the otherwise hysterical daily news of fascist governments, cities burning, riots in the streets and starving refugees, Pam stands out as a brilliant force of pure love.
As sergeant of her own personal army of lovers both on and off the runway, her creations are sexy and flirtatious with vibrant colors and geometric neon shapes that sway with images of cells, algae, sperm, coral and planets.  A mix of futuristic Barbarella - Boney M – Bonny and Clyde- 70’s-disco -punk-glam-new wave-rock n roll- Victorian- latex-circus. “Bad” girls with angelic faces like in Fellini movies. She is the magician who hems the costume that can turn any woman into a superhero. She creates space suits which we will wear to other planets - if only in our dreams. The cat suits thin electrical tape lines that just barely cover the models crotches seem more like arrows pointing to the source rather than the mandatory cover up. In this so called modern society where women’s sexuality is either exploited or shamed with nothing allowed in between, her clothes illuminate a yet undiscovered place where innocence and vulgarity are cut from the same cloth.  Not only are they worn on the same body but they are celebrated together as a part of the same spirit. What a revolution to think that sexuality can be innocent. That it isn’t really dirty but beautiful and softly crafted in pastel lace and flowers!

I enjoyed reading interviews with her where she speaks about her creative process and the mess and chaos that it brings. When you have something inside that needs to be extracted it’s often like open heart surgery. This process consumes us artists and often we don’t sleep for months as we are working. Sometimes the birth is swift, but other times violent and emotionally drawn out. I relate so much with all of this. As an artist there is very little time to finish what we are driven to express given the time frame we are here on earth. Everything that is inside needs to be dug out with a  desperation like someone trapped under the sea gasping for air. I admire women who don’t have kids and dedicate their lives to their art. There is so much pressure on us to be a part of the “human” type of evolution and that we are expected to sacrifice ourselves in that process. You can be a mother of flesh or a mother of creation, a mother of invention, contributing to the evolution of ideas, of style, of love.

Out of all the divinities of god Vishnu’s deepest desires that came from the sea, including a cow, a wish giving tree, and a harem of women, it was the amrita which he was most after, which everyone was after. A drink that will both intoxicate and liberate, that will take you to different dimensions and gain you special powers. But isn’t that what dressing up in fantastic clothes allows?
Pam is a true artist. Her life and creativity embody freedom, rebellion and pleasure. Even the invitation to explore her work is like being offered a drink of amrita.  “Amrita”: the nectar of the gods that brings immortality. In the Hindu myth of the sea of milk, the nectar is extracted by the gods and demons together after they churn the sea. Out of all the divinities of god Vishnu’s deepest desires that came from the sea, including a cow, a wish giving tree, and a harem of women, it was the amrita which he was most after, which everyone was after. A drink that will both intoxicate and liberate, that will take you to different dimensions and gain you special powers. But isn’t that what dressing up in fantastic clothes allows? When we wear beautiful, outrageous clothes we transcend the mundane reality of spectator and step behind the brush to enter the painting, to truly become art. It is within this realm of magical existence that Pam’s clothes dance and inspire. And we can participate just by putting them on.  And we can be revitalized and be young again just by looking. And what is a better metaphor for immortality than art which lives on and grows roots long after the mortal flesh from which it is born. It is art which is both extracted from the heart and plays the heart. And it is those who live to inspire, who dedicate their life to extracting this nectar from deep within themselves, that will become immortal as well.


Jonas Ramos (Sorocaba/SP):

It wasn’t hard to come across her works and I feel captivated by her eccentricity and psychedelia.  It doesn’t just captivate me, but there are a lot of influential people, like Bjork, for example, who also felt attracted by Pam Hogg. Her talent is brilliant, and it has an empowerment that should have more recognition in Brazil. She is a self-taught person who, in addition to fashion, also continues to take part in the musical environment, which is very inspiring to me as music was also my first love. I admire such people and wish her success. I hope she continues being this great person that I’ve come to admire.

Eduardo Orsini (Pilar do Sul/SP):

The human body itself, already seems to me a truly and natural art work. Each piece of it is very well made and with specific functionalities. Pam Hogg's outfits make me think she's always experimenting with the human body, with pieces of clothing that amplify limbs and that give continuity to the body lines in various shapes and colors. She makes wearable works of art. What if the human had more arms? Or even larger backs? Geometric figures in the extension of the skin? I believe that Pam allows herself to continue to create the human being with art. Her models, which may shock some people, may also impress others and one thing is certain: her work can’t be unnoticed for anyone – and so is the human being: everyone should notice. If our body could show our personality, thoughts, idiosyncrasies... surely we would all wear Pam Hogg outfits.

Sílvia Fernandes (Sorocaba/SP):

She is a talented, creative and very peculiar woman. I like her because she does different things and I love things that are not normal. Pam is able to make simple things become special things and this is a fantastic ability. She perceives reality a different way, and I find it fascinating. I wonder what kind of clothes she would do for me!

Gabriel Marinho (São João de Meriti/RJ):

Pam Hogg is certainty one of the most exotic and punk stylists of all time! She captures very well the anarchic spirit of the seventh-century Punk with an splendid and indescribable surreality. There is no way to see her costumes and not be surprised, but if you are open-minded enough, many of her clothes are beautiful, especially because they are made by a self-taught designer. You feel a certain acceptance in the eccentric art created by Pam... that feeling that you can be yourself, independent of judgments.

Fabrício Almeida (Sorocaba/SP):

What I really like about her is her originality in creating such bold and stunning clothes. I see some Punk influences in her works and it makes it more charming because of the tones blending, but I also see that she likes to mix bright and lively colors that brings to mind the New Wave movement of the 80's. The eccentric models of her collection are very unique and some even remind me of the costumes of the characters of a certain American filmmaker… haha.
Well, I really enjoy Pam Hogg’ fashion work... I'm no fashion savvy, but I see a lot of personality and talent in her art.

J. Hauer (Rio de Janeiro/RJ):

Pam is an eccentric person. When I see the clothes she makes, I feel a very strange nostalgia... and actually, it's because of this feeling that I like her. I always liked strong women! What can I say? She is visionary for our world! Many kisses from Brazil!

Agnes Lima: 

Pam Hogg costumes impress me by their beauty, eccentricity and sensuality. It is like if they have come from another planet or some alternative reality where there is no reason to be ashamed! The first impressions and the impact they gave me were shock. But then, even if they were strange, they became beautiful and a true invitation to Pam Hogg's private world.

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